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15 Amazing Ways To Customize Your Dock

There’s a good chance your dock is pretty plain, made only of wood, concrete, or steel, without many frills. And while the idea of customizing your deck may appeal to you, you probably aren’t sure what you would even do.

But never fear. We’ve compiled a list of 15 amazing ways to customize your dock...without breaking the bank.


#1 - Add Custom Accent Lighting

You don’t need to stop using your dock once the sun goes down, and you don’t need to rely on a dingy lantern or light bulb to provide illumination. There are literally hundreds of custom accent lighting options available, all of which can add tasteful, waterside ambience. From hanging lights to lights covered by glass enclosures to low LED lights, you can customize your dock to give you the perfect evening on the water.

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#2 - Build Steps Down Into The Water

Instead of having to haul yourself up onto the dock every time, add a set of steps for easy access. This is especially relevant if you have children or those who struggle to pull themselves up on the deck. For added flair, consider adding a few underwater lights to the steps.

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#3 - Install A Dock Hammock

The only thing more relaxing than laying in a hammock is laying in a hammock attached to a dock. The gentle waves and the soothing breeze create the perfect environment for reading a book, taking a nap, or enjoying a cool drink. And, of course, the accent lighting adds a wonderful ambience to the entire scene.

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#4 - Build A Pontoon Picnic Table

Want to enjoy a shaded picnic lunch without ever leaving the water? This pontoon picnic table makes that possible. Simply replace the legs of a standard picnic table with plastic barrels and you have your own floating restaurant!

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#5 - Add Kayak and Canoe Holders

Tired of hauling your kayak or canoe all the way down to the lake every time you want to use it? Simply install these kayak and canoe holders to keep your boats easily accessible. Boating is now a cinch.

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#6 - Use Your Own Inflatable Slide

Sure, you can use an old, rickety, plastic slide on the verge of completely collapsing. Or you can get this massive inflatable two-story dock slide. This is perfect for kids while still supplying the adrenaline rush that comes with plummeting into the water.

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#7 - Build A Dock Swing

This may take a little ingenuity, but is there anything more fun than swinging over the open water and then launching yourself into space? No one can resist this! It’s a playground that both adults and children can thoroughly enjoy.


#8 - Use An Inflatable Pool

You never know what’s in the water below you...unless you’re in an inflatable pool! This allows you to enjoy the lake without ever actually getting into the lake. Perfect for the person who doesn’t want to get into slimy water or feels that lakes are unsanitary.

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#9 - Use Nautical Decorations

Want to give your lakeside dock a seaside feel? Nautical decorations are a great touch. Compasses, boat bells, and fishing net all can add a salty feel to your otherwise landlocked dock. Just be careful if you’re using fishing hooks!

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#10 - Use Pier Rope For Decoration

Pier rope is a fantastic, inexpensive way to add a distinct touch of elegance to your dock. Depending on the thickness of the rope, you can either wrap it around posts or hang it in various locations. It will add a nautical/boat feel to any space.

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#11 - Use Outdoor Curtains

Outdoor drapery allows you to curtain off part of your dock and add a dash of elegance. If the sun gets too hot or too bright, the curtains allow you to shade yourself and your guests. The drapes will require the occasional hose off, but maintenance is relatively low.

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#12 - Use An Epic Dock Design

Although this requires spending quite a bit of extra money, the results are stunning. Your dock will truly be the talk of the town and you will have a real conversation piece. Of course, you’ll need to watch out for the hole in middle!

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#13 - Create A Directional Sign

This is a cute idea for showing the location of your dock in relation to the rest of the world. It adds a quaint feel to your dock while also providing a tasteful decoration. And it only requires a bit of wood and some paint!

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#14 - Install An Outdoor Shower

Need to rinse the slime off after coming out of the lake? This outdoor shower is the perfect solution. The minimal size allows you to maintain the space on your deck while also cleaning your body. Plus, it just looks great!

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#15 - Decorate With Plants

Plants are a fantastic way to add some natural decor to your dock. Depending the location of your dock, you can count on them getting plenty of sunshine and rain. Of course, you are going to have to be careful about wind knocking them off the deck.



By adding some of these touches to your dock, you can show off your personality and add some real fun. And thankfully, most of these ideas don’t cost an arm and a leg! Now enjoy the sunshine!