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Custom Dock Box Colors: Customize your Dock Box!

MoBox Marine has the ability to color match any color. We do not have a color palette to choose from. We would rather color match the customer’s requested color exactly. Many customers like to match their dock box to the color of their hull, their Marina, or their favorite sports team or college.

It does require some work on our end so we need to charge a little more for a color match. We need to clear out all of the gel coat lines from white to the special color. Then after the special color is run, we need to change back to white. The gel Coat lines will need to be purged, cleaned, and filled twice. We are very happy to do this for you but we have to charge for the time and materials. The charges are amortized over the number of pieces you order too. If you order one piece, you will get all of the charges on that one piece. If you order 10 pieces, the charges will be the same as one and the upcharge will be minimal and spread over 10 pieces.

We have done entire marinas in special colors. We love doing it so please give us a call to discuss your need.