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Be a Dealer of the Best Dock Box Manufactured in the USA

Top 10 Reasons To Become A MoBox Dealer

  1. MoBox Dock Boxes are considered "Best in Class" in the entire Dock Box Industry and is the #1 brand in the Premium Dock Box category.
  2. We pride ourselves on First Class Customer Service and quick shipments from our manufacturing facility.
  3. MoBox will complement your existing lines of dock products by adding new sales without taking away from your current revenues.
  4. MoBox dock boxes appeal to a broad range of customers from the professional boat captain to the residential dock owner that can benefit from and appreciate the value of a high quality, premium dock box.
  5. MoBox maximizes your sales per square foot - A stocking order typically occupies less than you think because the dock boxes are safely stackable, indoors or out.
  6. We protect your sales. MoBox protects dealers' large incremental income through strict MAP compliance and NO BIG BOX discount sales.
  7. Constant Innovation and exclusive product features offer unparalleled benefits and performance, making selling easy.
  8. An aggressive advertising campaign, marketing, sponsorships, and POP materials to build brand awareness and pull sales through your retail location(s). We spread the word, you get the sales.
  9. We are Quality Driven, offering a warranty and free "no questions asked" component replacement.
  10. We offer attractive Dealer Incentive Programs and Free Freight Discounts are available.

MoBox Marine, the manufacturer of the world's finest dock boxes, is dedicated to the success of retailers who have the ability to appropriately display and communicate the benefits of MoBox Dock Boxes in a way that adds value to our brand. Would you like to be our partner? The first step is to tell us about yourself and your company by completing and submitting the form below and a MoBox representative will contact you.

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