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Premium Series Dock Boxes

The stylish and sturdy construction makes this series our best-selling and most popular series.

The Premium Series of MoBox Dock Boxes are the largest series MoBox makes. They are a full 24” in height, 24” in depth, and come in lengths of 48”, 72”, and 96”. You can really store a lot of gear in this series!! They are all made with ISO/NPG gel coat to ensure the best protection against UV and the best resistance to chemicals. We use this gel coat on both the interior and exterior. Many dock box manufacturers do not use gel coat on the inside. At MoBox Marine, this is the standard operating procedure.

The design of the Premium Series also has integrated feet to get the bottom of the box up off the deck to allow ventilation. This will allow water to dry and prevent mold and mildew from growing under the box on the dock. The Premium Series also boasts Stainless Steel hardware. The vents, the lockable hasp, the gas springs, and the fasteners are all 316 Stainless. The hinge is continuous – not made of multiple small hinges and made from Marine Grade Aluminum and is thru-bolted - that’s right – no Rivets. Rivets will come loose over time so we thru-bolt all of our fastening points. We build these boxes to last!!