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Why Choose a Mobox Dock Box?

The attractive, robust design and attention to detail by our craftsmen are the biggest things that set us apart from our competition. Our boxes are designed with integrated feet so the box will be up off the deck to eliminate mold and mildew from growing under the box and ruining the dock. We use ISO/NPG gel coat (inside and out) for the best UV protection to avoid oxidation, chalkiness, fading, and dulling of the finish. Our hardware components (gas springs, vents, hasp, fasteners) are all 316 stainless steel so there are no worries about rusting hardware. Our hinges are all one piece – even in the 8 footers for even opening and durability. We do not use any rivets. We thru-bolt all of our fasteners. Rivets will become loose in time. We stand behind our products with a great warranty.

We aim to please our customers and make sure they have a pleasant experience with MoBox Marine.

Features, Benefits, and Advantages of a MoBox Dock Box:

  • Heavy Duty fiberglass construction. It is typically 1½ times thicker than the mass produced boxes you find at the big box retail stores. MoBox boxes are built to last!!!

  • Stainless Steel gas springs are used as lid lifts to help raise the lid and keep it open, even on a rocking or floating dock. Other dock box companies offer powder-coated gas springs usually at an extra cost. Ours are standard equipment and are Stainless Steel.
Mobox Marine
  • MoBox Dock Boxes and lids are reinforced and stiffened. They make great seats!

  • Our design of the integrated feet keep the bottom of the box off the dock which helps prevent the growth of mold and allows your dock boards to dry.
  • Lids are attached with Marine Grade Aluminum hinges and Stainless Steel thru-Bolt fasteners for optimum strength.

  • Mobox Dock Boxes come standard with Marine Grade UV Gel Coat - Inside and out!!! Many mass produced dock box companies use filled and pigmented resins and they do not gel coat the interior of the box.

  • MoBox only uses Marine Graded materials and components. We don’t cut any corners.
  • Snow white is our standard color. Special colors are available.
  • MoBox Dock Boxes are proudly made exclusively in the USA.


Performance, Durability, Quality, Experience, Customer Service, and Appearance. You get it all from MoBox. MoBox has been making quality Dock Boxes for years. We have been specified in multiple new marina and harbor projects. Marina owners and Project Contractors appreciate our rugged construction and clean design. They need dock boxes that function well, look good and are trouble free. MoBox has long been the solution. These dock boxes are now available for the private dock owner. All popular sizes are available in 3 basic designs:

  1. Premium Series – 24"H x 24"D x lengths of 4, 6, and 8 feet. The Premium Series provides the greatest amount of storage space.

  2. Slimline Series – 18"H x 18"D x lengths of 3', 4', 6', and 8'. The Slimline Series requires less dock space and is the most comfortable height for a seat.

  3. Corner Series – The corner series comes in 3' and 4' sizes and requires virtually no dock space.

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Quality materials

I had the 8’ box I ordered on a platform on my dock secured down with bolts. Hurricane Nate came through and the storm surge was pretty big here. The surge completely tore apart the dock platform that had the box on it. I came by the next day and the entire thing, box included was gone. After the storm settled I spotted the box about 30 yards away from my dock. It sat there for three weeks until I had the time (and the help) to get it out today.

I got it out and pressure washed it and it’s as good as new. I may need to get a new hinge at Home Depot but that’s about it.

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