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What should I look for when shopping for a dock box.

Gel Coat – Make sure they are made with an ISO/NPG gel coat. ISO/NPG gel coats are formulated for maximum UV protection and chemical resistance. MoBox Marine use ISO/NPG gel coat exclusively and also sprays the inside of the box. This leaves a fantastic finish and protection from the elements. Others do not gel coat the interior and it looks unfinished.

Hardware – Make sure the hardware is made out of 316 Stainless Steel. The Hasps and vents will rust if they are not 316 Stainless. The gas shocks will rust and bind if they are the powder coated type. If the powder coat gets scratched, that leaves bare metal and will also rust in the harsh marine environment. MoBox only uses 316 stainless steel components.

Rivets will loosen over time. MoBox only uses Stainless Steel thru-bolts. No Rivets.

Many dock boxes are flat across the bottom and sit flat on your dock or deck. This does not allow for ventilation and promotes mildew growth underneath the box. MoBox dock boxes have integrated feet into the design to keep the box up off the deck and allow for the proper ventilation.

A lot of people like to sit on their dock boxes. Some manufacturers tell you not to sit on them because they are built with a very little amount of resin and will crack when you sit on them. MoBox dock boxes are reinforced and the lids are designed to sit on. They make great benches.

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