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SlimLine Series Dock Boxes

Just as sturdy as the Premium Series, the sophisticated, modern, low-profile look of this line will make everyone at your yacht club or marina green with envy. 

Many marina projects choose to go with the MoBox SlimLine Series of Dock Boxes. There are many reasons for this.

The MoBox SlimLine Series comes in 4 lengths. They are all 18” tall and 18” deep. The lengths are 3’, 4’, 6’, and 8’. The sleek look of the SlimLine series is what sells most people. It gives the convenience of having a dock box without the feeling of a huge box in your view or in your way on your dock. This series has integrated feet to enable the box to stay up off the dock to prevent moisture from accumulating under it. This prevents mold and mildew from growing while providing for plenty of ventilation. Since the SlimLine Series is only 18” tall, it does not restrict your view either from the boat looking at the dock or walking down the dock looking at the boats.

The spacious 18” x 18” box gives ample space to store many items. Although space isn’t as large as the MoBox Premium Series, the SlimLine series can fit most people’s needs. There are certain things that cannot fit into the SlimLine series and must go into the MoBox Premium Series. (Large Tackle Boxes, five-gallon buckets, nets, large anchors, that large bag of PFD’s, etc…) A lot of customers have mounted fishing rod holders to the inside of the back or into the lid of the Slimline Series Box to store their rods in. We also have customers that store their boat hooks, gaffs, nets, cleaning brushes, etc… in the SlimLine Series. And since they come with a lockable stainless steel hasp, people feel secure knowing their valuables are locked up.