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Trash and Recycling Receptacles

The Mobox Trash/Recycling Receptacle Series offer you the option of a large or small receptacle to keep your dock or marina trash-free and looking pristine. Our receptacles are designed to fit the most common sizes of garbage cans and are easy to open and close - even with your hands full.

Usually, when you are headed for the trash receptacle, your hands are full of garbage. You don’t want to set it down – you just want to open and dump. The easy-opening latch we use at MoBox does just that. You can open it with one hand and dump your garbage without setting it down, opening the lid, and picking it back up again. The MoBox Trash Receptacle also boasts a stainless steel gas spring for lift-assist.

Another big selling feature of the MoBox Trash Receptacle is that it fits a 33 gallon Rubbermaid (Brute) trash can. Most trash receptacles at marinas are overflowing from one or two boats’ garbage. The MoBox hold a full 33 gallons of garbage.

The lid on the MoBox Trash Receptacle opens up past 90 degrees to enable easy clean-out. The entire trash can is able to be removed from the receptacle as if it didn’t even have a lid on it.