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Melting Icebergs and the Rising Sea: A Disaster In The Making

Climate change discussions focus a lot of attention on what’s happening in the coldest areas of Earth. One important topic has been the relationship between a melting iceberg and sea level. Icebergs link closely to glaciers, ice shelves, and ice sheets. Take a look at these ice formations to learn how they interact with each other and the ocean’s water. What exactly is an iceberg? An iceberg is a chunk of ice that has broken off of a glacier or off of shelf ice. It floats in open water.To be classified as an iceberg, the ice must rise more than 16 feet above the level of seawater and overall be at least 98 feet thick. (Most of an iceberg is...

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Climate Change and Its Effects: Can We Undo it?

Climate change, linked to global warming, has been misunderstood and mischaracterized by many.For those people living in climates experiencing polar vortexes, the common theme is to laugh and say “thanks, global warming!” The reality is the Earth is heating up, but that doesn’t just mean the entire planet is warmer all the time in every location. Instead, it means that the planet’s weather patterns are changing. We’re now experiencing irregular weather and while some places experience things like a polar vortex, others have warmer than normal temperatures. The overall change in the climate of our planet is referred to as “climate change.”

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Climate Change Is Having A Huge Effect On Penguin Colonies

Penguins! These adorable flightless birds are cherished by adults and kids alike for their funny ways and their tuxedo-like outfits. The penguin lifestyle is fascinating and their behavior is extraordinary. Seventeen distinct penguin species exist in the world. Not all of these penguin species live in the Antarctic, but that’s the area most people associate with these unique birds. Due to several recent events, some experts are asking a troubling question: Could the Antarctic region lose most of their penguins?

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Ocean Acidification Is A Big Problem. Here’s Why

Climate change and global warming have been hot topics for the last couple of decades. The phrase ocean acidification may not sound quite as familiar as the other two phrases, but it’s a growing environmental concern frequently described as the “evil twin of global warming.”

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Whales Are Facing a Crisis Created By Humans. Can We Help Save Them?

Arguably as one of Earth’s most fascinating animals, whales have long held a place of awe and reverence in our psyche. They’ve featured in countless works of fiction and fantasy. From 1851s Moby Dick (a sperm whale) to 1986s Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (two humpback whales), and even one of the most popular episodes of one of the most popular tv series of all time - the 1994 Seinfeld episode The Marine Biologist (potentially a blue, fin or humpback).Of course, many of these stories spin tales that cast earth’s largest creatures as something grand and mythical. The reality is that whales are far more majestic than in any manner depicted on page or screen.In the wild is where...

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