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Want to Help Reduce Water Pollution? Here's How...

“If I don't drink water, I’m going to die.” - desperate Puerto Rican trying to survive. The fact of the matter is that we can’t live off of beer and energy drinks. H2O is a precious commodity, we simply can’t overlook, period. And, like all commodities - and their value - it might have an expiration date. Pollution, global warming, overpopulation, collapsing ecosystems, el Niño weather system, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch , and hundreds of other threats taking a crowbar to our water supply’s knees. The big looming global catastrophe isn’t an errant Asteroid or the rise of Artificial Intelligence. It’s the simple fact that we are running out of clean “drinkable” water. In fact, many impoverished countries already don’t have clean water. It’s...

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Sea Level Rise: What It Is, Why It Matters, and What Can Be Done?

Coastal towns, whether of the north or south, have long held a unique charm for tourists and re-settlers alike. Indeed, a good case can be made that coastal locales are tied with sleepy small towns and bustling cities as the most popular settings for TV movies, perhaps because of their inherently idyllic nature in our collective imagination. They often feature unique cultural and historical real estate, and are usually home to more adventurous, interesting, and hardy people. But coastal cities, towns, and villages also face a unique threat: Their potential demolishment by the elements, especially rising sea levels. Given their closer proximity to the ocean, sea towns are naturally more vulnerable to flooding, rainstorms, hurricanes, and other water-related assaults than...

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14 Essential Things You Must Have In Your Tackle Box

Nothing is worse than getting out on the water only to realize that you’ve forgotten something essential. It’s happened to me a thousand times. I’m excited, grateful for the chance to fish, eager to land a personal record. Visions of 10-pound bass or massive tarpon dance in my head. I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about a huge fish breaking the surface, thrashing furiously in an attempt to throw the hook. A shiver of excitement goes through me when I think about the buzzing sound a reel makes when a fish starts ripping off line. Then, right as I’m settling down to fish, I notice that I forgot something really important. A particular set of lures. A...

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9 Tips for Fun and Eco-Friendly Boating

Most people today are concerned about proper respect for and care of the environment. While this often shows up in debates over climate change and the ways to combat it, everyone should be interested in taking proper care of our world. Of course, given that it’s summertime, which means boat excursions for lots of people, some of us might find particular interest in how to enjoy sailing and the open waves in ways that will not harm fragile marine ecosystems. Thankfully, there are all sorts of information online about what we might call “eco-friendly boating.” Here are ten ways to make your next boat trip both fun and environmentally conscious.

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7 Green Innovations That Are Changing The World

It’s no secret that we need to make significant changes if we’re going to preserve our planet. As humans make more of an impact on the earth, the planet is changing in significant, alarming ways. Sea levels are rising. Global temperatures are slowly increasing. The oceans are getting incrementally warmer. Ice sheets around the world are shrinking. Glaciers are retreating, extreme weather events are on the rise, there is less snow cover, and overall pollution levels keep increasing.

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