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Coral Reefs Around The World Are In Grave Danger. Here's What's Happening

One of the most wonderous living things on earth is coral. Humans view its diversity and hues as a gorgeous, underwater decoration. But, it is a living organism that supports the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of species in the underwater ecosystem. Man may appreciate its wonder, but our destructive tendencies are harming this vital member of the oceans and seas.Here’s what you need to know about the grave threats facing coral reefs. If we don’t act soon, we may destroy these beautiful pieces of the earth. What Exactly Is Coral? Corals are relatives of the sea anemone. They are all made of the same simple structure: the polyp. The polyp resembles a tin can open at one end:...

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Marine Life Threats We Need to Be Seriously Concerned About

Though we share this big, blue planet with thousands of species, human beings don’t always show the respect we should to the animal kingdom. Nowhere is that more apparent than in our waste-filled, polluted oceans and seas. Our human waste has always found its way into our marine ecosystems, and now the situation is growing dire. Something has to change. We need to acknowledge our negative contributions and start solving our waste management issues before thousands of species are classified as endangered or extinct. Here are some of the key dangers facing us now. The Critical Importance of Ecosystems   The Earth’s oceans are massive, open environments swarming with a variety of animal and plant species. Healthy oceans are crucial...

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Overfishing Is A Huge Problem. Here's What You Need To Know

Humans have an uncanny ability for destruction. This isn’t intentional. It’s somehow hardwired into us. In fact, the very skills that have allowed us to survive for thousands of years are often the same ones that lead to our destruction. We’re seeing this more and more in recent decades. As the population skyrockets and our natural resources dwindle, we find ourselves in a difficult situation. We must continue to use the earth’s resources to survive, and yet the more we use the more danger we put ourselves in. This can be clearly in the fishing industry. One of the greatest ecological, manmade threats now wreaking havoc on our ecosystem is overfishing.

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The Oceans Are Getting More Acidic...Here's What You Need To Know

Right now, the world is teetering on an abyss of sorts. Scientists, in general, are starting to believe that we’re in the middle of an extinction level event; the sort of catastrophe that wiped the dinosaurs off the planet. What is this traumatic event? What sort of catastrophe are we headed toward at mach-level speeds? Humanity as a whole is swallowing up its natural resources, destroying them and tarnishing them at a rate too fast for them to replenish.

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