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Testimonials from our Dock Storage Owners

MoBox Marine gets a lot of feedback from our customers. Our customers feel the need to communicate back to us after we have filled a need. When we hear back from a customer, it lets us know we are doing something right. Customer satisfaction is very important. We do whatever is necessary to please our customers.

Usually, when a customer calls in and asks us for something special, they usually have a specific application for their MoBox Dock Box. We have many customers who need to store pool chemicals, firewood, fishing rods, life jackets, furniture cushions, etc….. We find out what the need is and we help them decide how to satisfy the need. Others store valuable fishing gear or electronics and need to be able to lock their equipment. We are very proud of our ability to work with customers issues and help them find solutions.

Nice to deal with a customer friendly company no too many left nowadays.

- Thanks Ryan

Thanks for making a great product. The dock box has been great to use and I get many envious comments from fellow owners in the marina. Marina management is also impressed how tidy, secure and well made the box looks. I know our marina management is considering a remodel and don't doubt they will contact you for your boxes. The box can certainly add value as well as provide a great storage option.

- Captain Dave, Maryland

Just to let you know, the garbage storage bin is perfect. I bought one for our cottage to keep critters and as well as bears out of the garbage. We aren't always able to take garbage away daily and by inserting a simple plastic can in the box it confounds the raccoons especially. Remember to put a caribeaner or lock it to keep them out. It looks great, does what I need it for as well as suiting a safety need. I am going to purchase another two for my ski house in the mountains. Garbage is picked up midweek after we have left and this secures the cans so I don't worry about the bears spreading garbage across the yard.

- DR, Pennsylvania

Doug, thanks for your advice. The corner box fits great on the front of the boat trailer for storage. I no longer drag cleaning supplies, hose, line and extras gear around in the back of the truck or on boat. I hope Santa brings me the long box for the side of the trailer to keep my rods in. Keeps everything nice and tidy. Looks good too...

- Ronnie, Eastern Shore

I have a mobox it is the best quality made check it out you'll love it great long-term investment

- Chris Ostrowski

I’m very excited to give this to my husband for Christmas… he has asked for a dock box and this one is so much more practical (with feet) and upscale looking than most!

He is going to be a happy boater;)… thanks, again!

- Suzanne 

A Mobox dock box mounted on a customer's swim platform
We're always happy to see how our customers are using their MoBox Dock Boxes, in this case a customer mounted it on their swim platform!