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6 Extreme and Unheard of Boat Adventures

Extreme boat adventures are why we love boats so much. It’s what got us into boating to begin with. Be it that picture we saw on the dentist wall of a sailboat in a storm, or the epic sailing story our friend always tells; we’re always on the lookout for more awesome adventures. Now don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out on my boat and just relaxing too, but sometimes it’s nice to get out and see what the world has to offer. So leave that gear in your dock storage box behind, and take a look at some of these ideas. To get you thinking about some of the extreme adventures out there, we made a list to help get you started.

Shark Tours in Florida Keys

Sharks. This single word inspires fear in the hearts of many. But to some, it’s just another day on the job. In Key West you can take tours to see them up close and personal. Not to worry though, it’s quite safe. Only 4 people have died during shark tours over the last 10 years. Just kidding, nobody dies. Honestly, this is a fun extreme adventure that you can do either alone or with a family. The way it works is you hop on a boat and head out towards the places that sharks like to hang out in. Then the captain will dangle small fish over the water and you can watch the sharks literally jump out of the water to grab the fish. It’s a great way to see some live sharks in their natural habitat.

shark tour

Everglades Gator Tours

Alligators, another creature that humans have learned to keep clear of. Though it’s quite likely that one would literally eat you alive in a fight, there are still some people crazy enough to make a living providing alligator tours in the Everglades. If you decide to take a risk and see these giant reptiles in all their glory, there are plenty of options to do so in the everglades. Depending on what tour you end up taking, your guide will explain all about crocodiles and gators. Or talk about why people are naturally afraid of them and teach you important lessons such as why the idea of running zig zags away from a gator is just plain silly (they turn really fast but they don’t have a ton of endurance and are pretty lazy, so usually if you just run away they don’t chase unless you made them really mad (in which case you’re screwed because they’re great sprinters… climb a tree maybe?)). Either way this is a pretty cool trip and it’s worth taking a look into.

Airboat Rides

Going along with the gator tour idea, you could instead take an airboat ride. Airboats are cool because they are amphibious, meaning they can travel both on land as well as in the water. The way they work is it’s just a small boat, similar to a rowboat, with a giant fan attached to the back above water level. Since the boat is propelled by a fan, it doesn’t need to be in the water to move, so it’s the perfect craft for swamp exploration. These boats will shoot over water, dirt, and mud alike and provide you with an exhilarating up close and personal experience with the everglades. You can take various tours depending on what sort of experience you are looking to get, be it harrowing swamp adventures, or a relaxing ride, airboat captains have got you covered.


Glass Bottom boat Rides

This is one trip you won’t want to miss. You’ll get to ride around the bay in a beautiful boat with a glass bottom installed through which you can view the marine life. It’s a great adventure to take your family on and is relatively inexpensive. There are many different locations for riding in a flat bottom boat, but we find the best ones to be over beautiful coral reefs. Short of putting on scuba gear and diving into the water, there is no better way to discover the ocean beneath you than a glass bottom boat ride.

Whale Watching Trips

Take a whale tour and see some the largest living animals on the planet. Whales weigh over 200 tons and average at 100 feet long. If a whale wanted to it could easily crush your boat into dust. Luckily for us whales are generally docile creatures so boats are able to get up close and watch these megaliths in all their splendor. Everybody should take at least one whale tour during their lifetime, so keep this idea around and give it a try when you get the chance sometime.

whale watching

Dolphin Feeding Tour

Sticking to the idea of sea mammals that you never get to see unless you are on a boat, we come to dolphin tours. Dolphins are said to be the one of the smartest mammals on the planet and are even considered smarter than humans in some ways. They have a cool echolocation system as well as amazing vision. They are very social animals and travel together in pods. Many places offer a boat tour where they will take you out to the dolphins and feed them. This is a great way to see dolphins up close, and it can be a really awesome experience.

All of these ideas are great boat adventures to take a look into sometime. The first few are for the super extreme people and the second half are a bit more relaxing, and can be a good trip to take your family or girlfriend/wife on. No matter where you end up going, sometimes it’s a good idea to get out there and see what the world has to offer. Staying at home can  be great, but just this once pack all your gear up into your dock storage box and take off on a new adventure.