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Cheap Dock Boxes & Why You Need Them

Boating for recreation has become a major American pass time and according to a survey, nearly 88 million Americans spend time out in the open waters annually. Dock boxes are widely used by boaters to store the essential tools and equipment to make sure their boat remains in ship shape all the time. Let’s discuss how important these cheap dock boxes are to the boaters and their boats.

The best dock boxes are those which are crafted by experienced fiberglass experts. What this offers the user is a dock box with a far superior fit than others. The fit of the Dock Box is very important when it comes to the quality of a dock box because if the pieces fit together properly, there is a far less chance of it leaking or any other damages.

When it comes to the materials which are used in the making of these dock boxes, the fiberglass variety are far superior than the plastic or polyethylene dock boxes, mainly because plastic can discolor and fades over time, which depreciates both its aesthetic value and its durability.

Fiberglass dock boxes from Mobox Marine come with a gel-coat finish so that it gets an added layer of protection. Similar to plastic, the gel coat finish will fade but the oxidation can easily be buffed off of the fiberglass boxes, to make them look brand new again. Similar to the hull of a boat, the fiberglass dock box can be buffed and waxed to make it look new again, year after year. While the plastic or polyethylene dock boxes do not have the gel coat finish.

The Benefits

For regular boaters, keeping all the tools they need right on the dock is always a good idea, especially if they want to save themselves from needing a particular tool and not having it available on hand. While there are many ways in which cheap dock boxes can come in handy to the boater, the following are just some of them.

Dock boxes can be used to store an extra gas tank for emergency situations.

Dock boxes can be used to keep polishes and waxes so that your boat looks sharp and

remains clean at all times.

Apart from other necessities, dock boxes can be used to store toilet paper and paper towels,

which are two of the things which are most needed especially on boats.

Being able to store pipes, hoses and other important tools are also good just in case some

quick mechanical fixes are needed.

The length of the dock boxes easily accommodate fishing poles.  

Buckets and cleaners are popular items you would find in a dock box.

● Other items which can be stored we’ve seen Gas grills, LP tanks, pots and pans, dock lines, hoses, brushes, and more

MoBox’ Dock Boxes

Of course boating trips are always lots of fun and having well-build but cheap dock boxes like the ones sold at, will ensure that you have everything you need to make your boat trip a memorable one.

The MoBox line-up of dock boxes and steps are the best value for the money.  We are not the most expensive boxes on the market, but we are the best value.

Performance, Durability, Quality, Experience, Customer Service, and Appearance. You get it all from MoBox. MoBox has been making quality Dock Boxes for years. We have been specified in multiple new marina and harbor projects. Marina owners and Project Contractors appreciate our rugged construction and clean design. They need dock boxes that function well, look good and are trouble free. MoBox has long been the solution. These dock boxes are now available for the private dock owner. All popular sizes are available in 3 basic designs:

  1. Premium Series – 24"H x 24"D x lengths of 4, 6, and 8 feet. The Premium Series provides the greatest amount of storage space.

  2. Slimline Series – 18"H x 18"D x lengths of 3', 4', 6', and 8'. The Slimline Series requires less dock space and is the most comfortable height for a seat.

  3. Corner Series – The corner series comes in 3' and 4' sizes and requires virtually no dock space.