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The Difference between Fiberglass Dock Boxes and Regular Dock Boxes

If you are a boater, chances are you’re looking for a dock box which functions well, is able to go the distance, and remains trouble free while you enjoy your time on the dock. But when it comes to dock boxes, boat owners are met with a dilemma of which one to choose, the fancy fiberglass dock box or the more traditional roto-molded poly or plastic option. The following lines are going to give you all the information you will need no both types so that you can make the best decision.


While plastic dock boxes do offer a smooth matte finish, which makes it ok to look at, you really can’t compare it to the fiberglass dock boxes which offer a glossy sheen surface, like your boat, that gives it an appealing and high-end look.

When it comes to the style and design, Roto-molding is considered to be more costly to set up, which is why there are fewer styles available. On the flip side, it is much cheaper to set up a fiberglass dock box design.


Whenever someone says durability and dock boxes in the same sentence they are usually referring to the dock box’s ability to weather through storms, hail storms, abusive owners, and the harsh marine environment.

While the Fiberglass dock box option can last you a lifetime, you will have to keep it protected from any harsh weather and treatment, mainly due to the fact that dock boxes can fade and oxidize just like a boat hull that is made up of fiberglass. Another advantage of fiberglass is that if your box does get a scratch or a ding in it, it can be repaired.  The roto mold poly boxes cannot be repaired.


Dock boxes made up of Fiberglass and roto molded poly are both going to last you a very long time but that is, if they are treated well by the owner. You should treat your fiberglass dock box like you treat your boat - wash and wax on a regular basis. When it comes to build quality, fiberglass dock boxes make a good choice because they have more UV Inhibitor in them than the rotomolded plastic dock boxes. The roto molded boxes seem to discolor when left out in the harsh marine environment.


While comparing prices of the two options, you will find that there is not much difference in the cost of both the roto molded poly and fiberglass boxes.

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