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A Staggering Look At The World’s 20 Largest Yachts

When most of us think of buying a boat, we imagine a vessel that can hold a few people and shuttle us around a lake. Maybe we’ll use it for fishing, maybe a little water skiing. It will be something to keep us busy on the weekends.

The ultra-rich don’t mess around when it comes to purchasing watercraft. They either go big or go back to their plush mansions. In this post, we’re going to explore the world of superyachts. We’re going to examine the 20 largest yachts in the world, from smallest (if that word can be used) to largest.

Think of this as “Lifestyles of the Ultra-Rich, Maybe Famous, or Maybe Really Reclusive Billionaires Who Are Sort of Weird”. You get the point.



#20 - Alexander

Built by Flender-Werft

Topping out at 400 feet, the Alexander can hold 60 guests, has a full-sized disco bar, and a 27-seat cinema for the movie buffs. If a guest gets hurt while swimming with the dolphins, he can get recoup in the mini hospital. A helipad is available for anyone who needs to make a quick escape (not that there would ever be a need for that), and the onboard beauty salon provides all the manicuring a person could want.


#19 - Golden Odyssey

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Built by Lurssen

At just over 404 feet, the Golden Odyssey is a bit of a mystery. It was designed in secrecy, and not much is known about it. Of course, this juicy tidbit makes it all the more fascinating. Was it created for an international criminal intent on taking over the world? A reclusive, eccentric billionaire like Howard Hughes? A crazy inventor working on the personal atom bomb? Actually, it’s believed to have been commissioned by Saudi Arabian Prince Khaled bin Sultan, son of the Crown Prince, but it’s more fun to let the imagination run wild.

#18 - Savarona 

Built by Blohm & Voss

At approximately 407 feet, the Savarona weighs over 4,700 tons and, most notably, has a 16-metre long Turkish bath. A Turkish bath, if you’re not familiar, involves sitting in a room filled with steam and hot air and then getting a massage at the end. Apparently, the original owner of the Savarona was really passionate about his baths.

#17 - Katara

  Built by Lurssen

When first designed, this 408 foot craft was dubbed “Project Crystal”, making it sound like it was part of a secret black ops army fleet. Alas, this doesn’t seem to be the case. This very “ordinary” vessel has a helipad and SOLAS rescue boats, and usually makes its home in Doha. Interestingly, her name is probably a translation of the word for “celebration” and not a reference to the female waterbender in the movie Avatar. Sorry Avatar nerds. 

#16 - Maryah 

Built by Neorion

Capable of handling an incredible 54 passengers, this 410 foot yacht was originally launched as a Russian research vessel. Although this probably isn’t the case, we hope that it was named after Mariah Carey. If that’s not the case, maybe it can be renamed “Mariah” or “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. 

#15 - Octopus  

Built by Lurssen

Topping 414 feet, the Octopus is the largest research vessel in the world. It has a both a helipad and garage, as well as a 20 meter submarine, presumably for exploring the depths of the sea and not for conducting spy missions in international waters. At over 9,000 tons, this beast of a boat was commissioned by Paul Allen, one of the founders of Microsoft. Allen may not be able to build a decent computer system, but he sure knows how to build a boat.

#14 - Al Mirqab

Built by Kusch Yachts

Can you say luxury? At 437 feet, the Al Mirqab is owned by Qatar’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. It can top out at 20 knots per hour, accommodates 36 guests and 45 crew, and has a grand staircase the rises up through four floors. Three sides of the staircase are made out of hand-cut crystal panels. In 2009, this yacht won the Motor Yacht of the Year Award. 

#13 - Serene 

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Built by Fincantieri

This 439 foot boat was built for a Russian under very heavy secrecy. Why are so many of these yachts built in secrecy? Are these owners trying to catch each other off guard? Regardless, this was the largest yacht ever launched in Italy, and has more than 4,000 square meters of interior space, two helipads, and even a hangar. Supposedly the Serene also carries a 100 meter submersible. Don’t you love the Russians?

#12 - Rising Sun 

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Built by Lurssen

Created originally for Larry Ellison, co-founder and CEO of Oracle, this 452 boat cost a staggering $290 million. That’s more than double what our yacht cost! Featuring 8,000 square meters of living space, this luxury liner boasts a wine cellar, gym, cinema, and basketball court. Surprisingly, for that much space it can only accommodate 16 guests. Apparently Ellison really likes his space. Rumor has it that Ellison actually increased the length of his boat by 18 meters to top the size of Paul Allen’s boat. We will refrain from making any jokes.

#11 - Al Salamah 

Built by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft and Lurssen

This boat is a beast. Despite her size 457 feet in length and 7,600 tons, she is surprisingly quick, moving at up to 21.5 knots. She was originally designed under the code name “Mipos”, which was short for “Mission Possible” (which also sounds like a really boring movie). It was originally owned by by Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia, son of the late King Fahd, Governor of Riyadh.

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#10 - Ocean Victory 

Built by Fincantieri

Yet another yacht wrapped in secrecy, the Ocean Victory is a 459 foot, 7 deck behemoth. One thing is certain: the owner is passionate about swimming pools. The boat has six pools that are each up to 8 meters long. Again with the secrecy. From now on, any time we secrecy we’re going to assume that the boat is being used in some sort of illegal robot smuggling scheme. 

#9 - Yas

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Built by De Schelde

This 462 foot craft can hold up to 60 guests and 56 crew, making it ideal for long trips and/or wild parties. With a top speed of 26 knots, it can cut through the water quickly. The superstructure and interior were styled by Pierrejean Design Studio of Paris, who said they said they took inspiration from the beautiful shape of the dolphin. All we can say is, “Yassssssss!”

#8 - Mahroussa 

Built by Samuda Brothers

This 478 foot yacht was constructed in 1869 for Ottoman governor of Egypt, Khedive Ismail and was presented at the opening of the Suez Canal. After being the Egyptian representative at the Bicentennial Fleet Review in New York harbour, the ship was unfortunately allowed to fall into disrepair. Thankfully, someone took pity on the boat and made an effort to get her back into seaworthy shape. Right now, this is the largest “classic yacht” in the world.

#7 - Prince Abdulaziz

Built by Helsingor Vaerft

This is a big boat in every sense of the word. At 482 feet, it’s certainly long, but it also has a big feel inside, with a lobby designed to mimic the Titanic, a fully equipped hospital, a mosque, and a movie theater. There are rumors that it contains surface-to-air missiles and an underwater surveillance system. Now, call us crazy but modeling any part of a boat after the Titanic seems unwise. But that’s none of our business.

#6 - Topaz

 Built by Lurssen

Not much is known about this boat 483 foot boat. She flies a Cayman flag but belongs to a member of the UAE elite. When in doubt, let the imagination wild. Possibly a secret government floating lab?

#5 - Al Saïd

Built by Lurssen

“Massive” is the best word to describe this 508 foot boat. Built for the Sultan Qaboos bin Sa‘id Al Saïd of Oman, she has a top speed of 25 knots, has a crew of 150, and can accommodate an orchestra (yes, orchestra) of 50 musicians. It has six decks and a helipad as well. If you’re going to build a boat that big, you might as well name it after yourself.

#4 - Dilbar 

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Built by Lurssen

The Dilbar is the largest yacht by gross tonnage, topping the scales at 15,917 tons. It features a swimming pool that is an incredible 180 cubic meters, the largest pool on any yacht, and has a 30,000KW electric diesel power plant. This boat is essentially the Titanic of superyachts. 

#3 - Dubai 

Built by Blohm & Voss/Lurssen

As the royal yacht of Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum of Dubai, everything about this 531 foot boat screams luxury. Able to hold 24 guests, it has an owner’s suite five VIP suites, and six guest suites. It has a place for barbecues, a movie theater, a disco, and a landing pad for a Blackhawk helicopter. If the Sheik would prefer to go underwater, he can use his submarine.

#2 - Eclipse 

Built by Blohm & Voss

Topping out at 533 feet and 13,000 tons, the number two yacht has a 16 meter swimming pool whose base can be raised to be transformed into a dance floor. It has space for three helicopters (isn’t that a bit excessive?) and has an interior with hundreds of custom touches. In 2011, it won the Motor Yacht of the Year award.

#1 - Azzam

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Built by Lurssen

We come to number one, the Azzam, at 592 feet long. Rumored to be built for a member of the Dubai Royal Family, the water-jet propulsion system allows it to reach an incredible speed of 31 knots. The interior is styled in a French Empire manner, but other than that not much is known about this boat.


We may not be able to afford a yacht, but we can dream, right? Plus, who really needs all that luxury anyway? Really, really, really deep down, so deep you can’t really see it, the owners are probably very unhappy.

We take comfort in that.