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Types of Quality Dock Boxes and What to Look Forward To

Dock boxes are by far, the perfect way for tidying up a messy dock area, and keeping boating accessories safe and secure when not in use. The following are some of the various types of dock boxes that are available in the market.

Standard Dock Boxes

The standard dock boxes offered by Mobox Marine is the most simplest and stylish solution when it comes to storing boating or fishing equipment. These dock boxes are large enough to fit in all nautical odds and ends along with being built strong enough to withstand the harshest weather when out in the open sea. Starting at volumes of 8 cubic feet, these standard dock boxes add a certain practical class to your marina.

Slim Line Series

If you’re short on space then your best bet on getting a dock box from the Slim Line Series. These dock boxes offer you the space you need to store your equipment while also doubling as an attractive outdoor seating so your guests can soak up the sun. It doesn’t matter whether you’re out fishing or just relaxing on your boat, Slim Line Series dock boxes look both tidy and inviting, and is the best option when it comes to de-cluttering your dock. Mobox Marine offers just that with its Slim Line edition. The slim line series offered by Mobox Marine is the most comfortable and can easily be used as a seat as well. The slim line series comes in lengths of 3', 4', 6', and 8' while having dimensions of 18"Hx 18"Dx.


Fiberglass dock boxes available at Mobox Marine are not only designed to look good and provide you with the extra space you need to store away your hoses, fishing gear, rope and other equipment, but are also reinforced to withstand all the corrosive elements that the sea throws at you, such as, sand, salt, water and sun. These cost-effective boxes are for obvious reasons, completely water proof, and the fixtures are made up of stainless steel to prevent them from getting rust, which is quite easy with all that salt in the sea breeze.

Top-quality dock boxes from Mobox Marine makes it easy for boat owners to keep their valuables safe and out of the way so that they have more time on their hands to enjoy the waves without having to break the bank.

Size Options

The best part is Mobox Marine gives you choices, whether you’re looking for a large dock box or a small one, you can find them all here. The following are some of the size variations offered by Mobox Marine.

Premium Series

The Premium Series provides the greatest amount of storage space and comes in dimensions, 24"Hx 24"Dx and lengths of 4, 6, and 8 feet.

Corner Series

The Corner Series needs no dock space and can be placed comfortably without getting in the way. The corner series comes in 3' and 4' sizes according to your space.

Ending Note

No matter which dock boxes you go for, they are all versatile, which means that they can fit anywhere. Apart from making great deck storage boxes, they can also be used as pool side storage boxes, in the garage, in the barn or even in the back yard.