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30 Marinas You Absolutely MUST Visit

With so many marinas in the world, how do you know which ones to visit? You’re in luck! We put together the top 30 marinas you absolutely must visit if you have the chance. We started with marinas close to home and gradually circled out to more luxurious and exotic marinas. If you were to follow this article to the letter, you could end up as far away as Dubai! Ready? Let’s get started with our journey.

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Green Marinas: Clean Marinas

Enjoying the natural setting of our oceans and witnessing the breathtaking beauty of marine life are considered the main reasons to go boating. However, the fact of the matter is the growth of recreational boating and other related activities, such as fishing and swimming, has led to massive pollution of waterways.

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Ethanol in Fuel: Ruining Fuel Systems in Boats

Normally, boat owners would prefer getting gas without ethanol as it is poses potential dangers for boat and marine engines. However, the sad reality is that finding ethanol-free gas today is close to impossible. This is particularly because not all states require gas-pumps to specify the presence of ethanol in their fuels. Therefore, it is highly probable your boat is currently using E10 and you are not even aware of it.

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The Latest Trends in the Boating Industry

Boating is a pleasurable activity for people who love being out on the open waters. You are cradled in the middle of the ocean, lake, or bay with access to a bevy of modern amenities right on board. Therefore, your boat acts as a floating hotel of some sort, providing you unlimited access to the beauty of the blue waters, while keeping you comfortable at the same time. This is what makes boating a fantastic way to flee from everyday routine and simply forget about all your stress and frustration.

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5 Tips How to Handle Boating Emergencies

As safe as it seems, boating has its own risks you need to be wary of. These emergencies can occur at any given time, the only way you can possibly avoid them is by preparing beforehand. There are instances when you have no other option but to deal with these emergencies even though you may have not prepared for them like the way you should have. Here are some tips for five common boating emergencies:

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