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Recycle Receptacle – Large
Recycle Receptacle – Large
Recycle Receptacle – Large

Recycle Receptacle – Large

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We build products to order

  • Due to the shortage of fiberglass and resin and depending on when an order is placed the build time for each product can be 3 to 4 weeks or longer.

Quick Review

  • Dimensions: 29W x 24D x 33H
  • A stylish way to keep your dock or marina trash free and pristine looking. A standard Rubbermaid 33 gallon garbage can fits into this receptacle to hide the garbage can and keep the consistent look throughout the marina. Snow white of Buff (Off-white) gel coat (UV Stable Supreme High Marine Grade Exterior Gel Coat ISO – NPG)


The large trash receptacle is designed to fit a 33 gallon Rubbermaid “Brute” garbage can. The perfect word for it is “Robust” and it is perfect for that marina that generates a lot of garbage. The inside and outside is made with our ISO/NPG gel coat for the best UV protection and chemical resistance possible. This also makes it easy to clean in case it gets dirty. The hardware is all stainless steel to resist rust, oxidation, corrosion, etc…

The hinges are thru-bolted and not riveted. Rivets will become loose in time. The MoBox Large Trash Receptacle has stainless steel fasteners to thru-bolt this connection to reassure you the best scenario for fastening. The receptacle also comes with stainless steel gas springs to be an aid in lifting the lid. This comes in handy especially when your hands are full and you need to open the lid. The standard latch has a rubber pull and stainless catch. This makes it very easy to open and close with one hand.

The large trash receptacle also has integrated feet to keep most of the box up off the dock/deck to allow complete ventilation and avoid moisture, mold, and mildew from getting underneath the receptacle.

  1. Quality Craftsmanship and High Strength Heavy Duty Construction – Typically 3/8” thick fiberglass.
  2. We use premium ISO / NPG High Gloss Gel Coat inside and out with the maximum amount of UV inhibitors.
  3. MoBox trash receptacles and recycling receptacles are stiffened for extra strength.
  4. Stainless Steel (not powder coated) Gas Shocks – to assist in lifting and to prevent slamming shut.
  5. Stainless Steel hinges with rustproof oversize rivets.
  6. Available in Snow White.

*Trash cannot be included