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MoBox Gear

Shop for your own personal Mobox Marine apparel and accessories. Nothing says "Class" like Mobox Marine Gear!

MoBox has a lot of promotional items and gear for sale. The MoBox T-Shirt has a huge cult-like following. People take pictures of themselves in the all over the world and send them to us. We post them on Facebook and Twitter for them and people really tend to enjoy seeing them. The MoBox Coffee Mug is another great item. It’s ceramic and keeps the beverage hot for a very long time and has the infamous MoBox logo on it. The MoBox visor is another hot seller for us. Fishermen like it because it is lightweight. One size fits all. The MoBox Koozie is the Cadillac of Koozies. It is a logo’d, vinyl dipped, foam Koozie designed especially to keep your beer cold and fit in to the cup holder on your boat. The MoBox fishing shirt is a lightweight fishing shirt that dries quickly and has a SPF of 30 to keep you protected from the sun. It comes in white and has the MoBox logo on it as well.

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