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4-Step Dock Steps
4-Step Dock Steps

4-Step Dock Steps

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  • Due to the shortage of fiberglass and resin and depending on when an order is placed the build time for each product can be 3 to 4 weeks or longer.

Quick Review

  • Dimensions: 56D X 24W x 32H
  • MoBox 4-Step Dock Step is a sturdy, lightweight stairway for boarding your boat or changing levels on your dock. The flange on the stairway can be used to mount the stair way. Non-skid strips on each tread help prevent slipping. Snow white of Buff (Off-white) gel coat (UV Stable Supreme High Marine Grade Exterior Gel Coat ISO – NPG) Available with optional aluminum handrail.
  • Part Number - 400DS


When shopping for dock steps, you will have many different styles and materials to choose from. MoBox Dock Steps are fiberglass – just like your boat. There are dock steps made out of plastic as well…either roto-molded, plastic injection, or HDPE steps.

The biggest reason that people buy fiberglass dock steps is the fact that they can be cleaned easily. Just a little soap and water and you are right back to the glossy shine that you bought it for. Fiberglass dock steps can be compounded and waxed. Plastic doesn’t shine. As a matter of fact, plastic will change color in the sun in time giving you a sun-bleached set of steps. They get pitted and scratched easily and these scratches will collect dirt. Fiberglass can be repaired if they get scratched.

Not all plastic steps have sufficient non-skid on the treads. They integrate their non-skid into their molds to give a non-skid look but in all of reality, this non-skid does not give the user the safety feature they think they are getting. MoBox adds professional non-skid after the fact to give the best traction on every tread.

Fiberglass dock steps are also lightweight and portable. This is not a big factor unless you start getting into the larger sizes. The plastic ones are bulky and heavy to move.