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MoBox 8' SlimLine Dock Box
MoBox 8' SlimLine Dock Box

MoBox 8' SlimLine Dock Box

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  • Due to the shortage of fiberglass and resin and depending on when an order is placed the build time for each product can be 3 to 4 weeks or longer.

Quick Review

  • Dimensions: 96"W x 18"D x 18"H
  • Heavy duty dock box with stainless steel gas shock. The exterior is snow white gel coat (UV Stable Supreme High Marine Grade Exterior Gel Coat ISO - NPG). Interior is white gel coat. Reinforced lid and heavy duty construction make this a sturdy bench as well as a storage box.
  • Part Number - 800SL


The 8’ SlimLine dock box from MoBox (800SL) is one of our most popular sizes in many marinas. Understandably, people with larger boats tend to need more space for storing their boating accessories. The 8’ SlimLine Dock Box seems to satisfy the needs of many boat owners who need to store larger items such as fishing poles, gaffs, cleaning brushes, fishing nets, cushions, etc….

The low profile of the entire SlimLine Series by MoBox has an appeal to many marinas and boat owners because of their sleek look and functionality. They give a very attractive look without making the dock area look too busy. Some people prefer the SlimLine dock box to our Premium Series because of the height. People like to look past the dock boxes and not at them.

Some prefer the smaller footprint because the dock is too narrow with a Premium Series box on it. They need more dock width to walk down the dock. It gets pretty busy on a Friday afternoon when everyone is loading up their boats for the weekend. The dock carts are going up and down the dock, people have their hoses out cleaning their boats, chairs and coolers are left on the dock, etc… people like the dock box as far out of the way as possible and the SlimLine Series does just that.