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Upright Dock Box
Upright Dock Box

Upright Dock Box

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  • Dimensions: 29W x 24D x 33H
  • The MoBox Upright Dock Box is an efficient alternative to a traditional dock box. It’s 33” tall so you can stow a lot of gear that will not fit into a traditional dock box – such as chairs, cushions, PFD’s, etc….. Maybe you don’t have enough room for a traditional dock box or prefer not to use your valuable dock space for one, here is the answer!!! Available with a Flexible Draw Latch (shown) or a hasp like the Premium and SlimLine Series. Snow white gel coat (UV Stable Supreme High Marine Grade Exterior Gel Coat ISO – NPG)


  1. Quality Craftsmanship and High Strength Heavy Duty Construction – Typically 3/8” thick fiberglass.
  2. We use premium ISO / NPG High Gloss Gel Coat inside and out with the maximum amount of UV inhibitors.
  3. MoBox trash receptacles and recycling receptacles are stiffened for extra strength.
  4. Stainless Steel (not powder coated) Gas Shocks – to assist in lifting and to prevent slamming shut.
  5. Stainless Steel hinges with rustproof oversize rivets.


The Upright Dock Box (or URDB) by MoBox Marine is the only one like it in its class. It is designed to take up less space on your dock than a traditional long box. The footprint is extremely small. That’s the biggest reason people buy it. They don’t want a big long box on their dock which can block their view. The Upright Dock Box can keep your things organized just like a long dock box but it does so by taking up less dock space. The only drawback – it is a little taller than a traditional shaped rectangular dock box.

The Upright Dock Box by MoBox Marine is designed to hold all of your boating gear and especially that gear which will not fit into a long box. Items such as that big bag full of PFD’s, large tackle boxes, larger buckets, trash cans, hoses, cleaning supplies,

The outside of the MoBox Upright Dock Box is made with the same Gel Coat as our other dock boxes. It is an ISO/NPG Gel Coat that has the max amount of UV inhibitors and the best protection against chemicals. If you take good care of the gel coat, it will last a lifetime. We recommend a light rubbing compound each year. Then wax with our MoBox Dock Box Wax. The inside of the Upright Dock Box is also gel coated. The hardware on the URDB is all stainless steel. The vents, the latch, the gas spring. The hinges are marine grade aluminum and they are thru- bolted. There are no rivets on a MoBox product. Rivets will loosen over time and eventually fail. We thru-bolt all of our fasteners with 316 stainless steel fasteners.